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Cosmic Orient
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Cosmic Orient is a collective, which unites musician from the Middle and Far East, classically trained musician from western conservatories as well as DJs, Rappers and music programmers. The multinational ensemble uses ancient myths and modern technology.

Cosmic Orient sweep across the land like a multi-cultural Sirocco. In the lee, Ambient sounds, fat dublines and irresistible dancefloor grooves, which meet the magical powers of Middle and Far Eastern voices, drums and instruments. DJs melt together with percussion players, samples with Indian singers and MCs with Sitar player, thus a very organic sound is developed, presented in colourful live events accompanied from visual and atmospheric effects and dancers.

Inspired by Asian Underground from London DJ Herb - T. begins to mix, in the middle of the nineties, eastern and Indian Samples with Ambient, Dub and Trip - Hop Beats. In addition percussionist and drummer Heiko Himmighoffen comes in and additional beats and bass lines are programmed, also various, changing musicians are invited, coming from the Balkans and the Middle and Far East and a sound system was developed that played in local and regional areas. At the beginning of 2001 it is decided to extend and thus Cosmic Orient came into life.

The sound of the project defined itself more and more and Cosmic Orient arranged a compilation called "eastern electronics", with artists such as Talvin Singh, Bally Sagoo, Dissidenten, Saafi Brothers and others, which was released beginning of 2002. Even then the CD was regarded a collectors item among insiders and is a timeless example of Asian Underground. At the same time, today's members Bernhard Faltermeier (Sitar, Indian classical music) and Walter Dorn (Flute, western classical music) joined the formation, as well as master vocalist from Pakistan, Mujahid Javid and a considerably Indian sound was created.

Starting 2003 the formation went on tour with some phat beats in their luggage to appear at festival on national and international stages: highlights were: RESONANT WAVE Festival Berlin/Brooklyn, E-CLUB - Hanover with Cosmic Orient meets Jazzkantine, Casa de Cultura ASIA - Festival in Barcelona with artists such as Audio Active, Ken Ishii or Susan Deyhim or at the SINNESWANDEL - Bern/CH. From 2003 -2005 Cosmic Orient were in charge of the cult club evening Sangeeta, in Frankfurt’s UNITY as well as various gigs at the Sound Of Frankfurt, Museumsuferfest or in the Cocoon-Club, etc..

At the end of 2004, the band withdraws to start working on their first studio album called "Cosmic Orient".

Tracklist: 1. Camelride // 2. Sometimes // 3. Eastern Light // 4. Chano // 5. Fertile Ground // 6. Bengal tiger // 7. Sitarfunkreincarnation // 8. La Pila // 9. Challa Deh // 10. Radnakara // 11. His Message // 12. Dust2Dust // 13. Moment // 14. Outro

Cosmic Orient are: Sham – Vocals // Bernhard Faltermeier – Sitar // walter thorn – flood // Heiko Himmighoffen – Percussion // Herb t. - DJ/Master OF Ceremony

The master vocalist singer from Pakistan, living in London, is considered one of the outstanding talents of the new generation. As a pupil of the Ustad Mazaar Slambad Ali Khan (descendant of the master Ustad Slamabad Ali Khan, from Sham Chirasee) he received a very extensive training in singing and traditional music. With numerous appearances in Europe and Asia he has played with Mir Shokat Hussein, Shams Mahmood, Allah De Tha Lunevalla as well as with Ustad Shahid Hussein.

... comes from the old school of the north Indian classical music (Senia Garana). Since 1983 he is student of the Sarod master, Sree Dhyanesh Khan at the Ali Akbar Khan Music college in Calcutta, India. There he received the qualification of Bachelor Of Music (B.M.). Since 1991 he is active musician and also a teacher and created the Indian Music Academy in Frankfurt/M. Live performances with Kirit Khan (Sitar) and Pandit Shankar Gosh (Tabla). Between 1992 - 1995 he was a stage musician at the Scala Theatre Basel and Bernhard Theatre Zurich and on tour with the piece Siddartha (Hermann Hessian) and The Prophet by Khalil Gibran, for which he also composed the music to. Since 1997 he dedicates himself to East - West fusion music, in which Indian sounds with Western beats are mixed. Gigs at the E-CLUB/Hannover or COCOON - Events, etc. … as well as in the classical formation, Raga with Sitar/Tabla.

The classic master on the German flute melts the borders between Jazz, Ethno, Classic and Pop. He’s played with the Sonatori Ensemble Prague, New Music Ensemble HR, Broadway Company New York, various Pop – Cover bands as well as guest appearance with Seal 2005 in Cologne. He received his diploma at the University for music in Frankfurt/M.

From early years on, he learned to sing, play guitar, drums and finally percussion - instruments. He received lessons from various teachers (Michael Weil, Peter Koch). 1992 to 1996 he studied music at the Frankfurt Music Workshop with Cid de Freitas. He was active as Percussionist and drummer with projects in the most different style directions of traditional Eastern and Latin American music, from Jazz and improvised music to electronic music. Releases and live performances with Brian Eno, Slop Shop, Gabriel Le Mar, Barry Finnerty, Martin Le Jeune, Russ Spiegel, Kevin Mauder, Alberto Menendez, Daniel Guggenheim, Synchrometic Dubsters, and lately with Mathias Vogt (Motorcitysoul) and Re-Jazz as well as with different projects within Dance music range.

Since 1990 Herb-T. works as DJ in Dancefloor style music (Soul, Reggae, Dub). Already in the middle of the 90’s he developed a preference for Arab and Indian sounds and mixed these with most diverse styles of the Western hemisphere. Performances in various clubs and festivals, such as Unity / Frankfurt Wartburg / Wiesbaden, Funkadelic / Frankfurt, Cookys / Frankfurt, Sinneswandel / Bern/CH, Expo Café Hanover, Casa de Cultura / Barcelona, ;useumsuferfest / Frankfurt, Sound Of Frankfurt, Musicfair Frankfurt, etc.. Herb_t. received his musical training in singing – rhythm - performance, in the Scream Factory /Frankfurt, with Amy Leverenz and Brigitte Leistikow, as well as in the Frankfurt Culture Workshop with Peter Koch (Supermax) and Ibrahim Diop.

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