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Namaste Experience IBIZA
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"Namaste" stands for the Indian welcome and it also means a warm welcome to the Namaste Experience CD compilation.

The story:
An international team of island-individualists, creatives, musicians, painters, fotografers and DJ´s, that have been living on Ibiza had a vision. They gathered together in the north of the island and brought to life a unique institution - Namaste!

Every Wednesday the >Namaste Experience< takes place in San Carlos at Las Dalias. International artists, such as dancers from India, from the Far East, musicians from Brazil, Mexico or Europe get together and perform under blue skies in the exotic decorated garden of Las Dalias. Asian and Oriental food is served and World Music is played either live or mixed by local DJ´s in the so-called dance temple.

>Namaste Experience< has developed into a trend event and is becoming more and more popular. "Namaste Experience IBIZA" on CD reflects the music of the party flair. World Music, Ambient and groovy Tracks from artists around the world compiled by the Namaste team.

This illustrious mixture, is the first CD of the new Blue Flame (World Music) production series: "Namaste Experience IBIZA Vol. 1".

Tracklist: 01 The Sahajiya Rasa Lila Mix: Divine Pastime / Based on Raag Kirvani - DJ Cheb i Sabbah 8:25 // 02 Desire - Depack Chopra feat. Demi Moore 3:15 // 03 Mojan Bili - Jon Michell 4:55 // 04 Gate to the Silkroad - Mokhira 1:54 // 05 Ananda - Solar Quest 5:28 // 06 Kharma - Blue Planet 6:42 // 07 Yemenite Wedding Song - Timna Brauer & Elias Meiri Ensemble 1:11 // 08 Galing Galing - Mokhira 3:34 // 09 Sei Yona - Timna Brauer & Elias Meiri Ensemble 4:17 // 10 N?Satni - The Third Planet 4:06 // 11 Rapatal - Mynta 3:39 // 12 Saga of Dschingis Khan - Dangaa 2:46 // 13 Ancient Dreams - OHM-G 4:42 // 14 Sangit Dub - PFL with Sangit Family 16:32

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