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Oriental melody lines surrounded by rock grooves, soul ballads,
latin beats and Turkish rhythms.

VOYAGE was founden in 1993 by the german drummer, percussionist and songwriter Roman Seehon.

The first released album was described in the reveiws as WORLDPERCUSSIONMUSIC. VOYAGE performed in many european countries with guestartists from Jordania, India, Iran, Spain and GUS.
In spring 1997 VOYAGE started to work with the turkish singer and songwriter Handan Civicik. She is a very extraordinary talented vokalist, who came out with her own album in the turkish musiicscene. Her musical backround is reaching from Blues and Jazz to classical Turkish music.

Handan´s smooth and powerful voice and the idea to create a western­oriented popmusic, gave VOYAGE a new direction. In the band one finds an ordinary rhythmsection ( a lot of percussion) and a melodysection, which contains traditional Turkish instruments like Baglama, Cura, Ney, Zurna, Kanoun and Violin.
Getin Akdeniz (Baglama) and Eyüp Hamis (Ney) from Istanbul, are two of the most famous instrumentalists from Turkey.
The lyrics are written in english (Joseph Spector) and also Turkish language (Handan Civicik). Most of the songs are written by Roman Seehon.

"Selam" is the second production from Voyage. The album is a follow­up to their last release also including turkish musicians. Strong Ethno­Pop songs with the soft voice of Handan singing in english. Percussion, turkish Ney, Saz mixed with western instruments make up a fresh music style with World Music character. Ethno­Pop­Hit qualities are in the songs: Selam, Remember and When I wake up. "Selam" is not a typical turkish production, but a sound­collage of Ethno-Pop orientated music using turkish influences to make it understandable for international listeners.

The CD was recorded in Munich, Germany and in Instanbul, Turkey in 1998 and will also be reproduced and release in turkish.

The Musicians

Handan Civicik (Turkey) ­ Vocals
Roman Seehon (Germany) ­ Drums & Percussion
Andreas Keller (Germany) ­ Drums & Percussion
Joe Warrlich (Germany) ­ Bass
Robert Albrecht (GUS) ­ Keyboards
Cetin Akdeniz (Turkey) ­ Baglama & Cura
Eyüp Hamis (Turkey) ­ Ney & Zurna

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