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The project Alien Café developed from the formation Serendipity, which already has a debut track on the Blue Flame label compilation “Home Service”. Serendipity is rooted in the experimental duo UFO Walter (Bass, Programming) and Christian Willeczelek (Drums, Programming), who created a musical playground in order to have a basis for a free interaction of all possibilities between bass and drums. Then in accordance with the meaning of the word Serendipity (a “lucky coincidence” or “the gift to find something you never looked for”) the project gained the gentle and clear voice of Nikola Materne (Vocals). Thus the project Alien Café was born.

„From a stark Drum n’ Bass style, the idea was suddenly born to create a CD,
which could actually find liking with the own girl friend. “(UFO Walter)

The name Alien Café produces the picture of a multi-cultural meeting place for all inhabitants of the musical multi-verse around. Alien Café’s release “CHLOÉ SAYS…” has a sound between Electro Bossa to Chillout and Jazz over to radio Pop. All possible elements of modern urban music are tested on their consistency - to arrange itself over and over again - surprisingly and familiarly at the same time. Instruments such as acoustic guitar, Wurlitzer Piano, organ, flute, Didgeridoo or saxophone snuggle perfectly in programmed sounds and Drum sounds.

The ballade “Samba Triste” is an easy melancholic hommage to Brazilian composer Antonio Carlo Jobim, while “Chloé says…” tells of the desperate attempt of a lovestruck “customer” to approach a Canadian stripper. “Paris Depression” tidies up the romantic clishee perception of lovestruck Americans and “Silver Robot” tells about the strange love between the singer and a small sweet silver robot.


Line Up:

The producer and musician Ufo Walter (Bass, Programming) performed, produced or arranged for artists such as Marla Glen, Buddy Miles (Hendrix, Santana), Randy Hansen, Caught In The Act, Alex Oriental Experience and many more. He has won prices as Best Bass Player (FRG) as well as film and advertising composer. For latter activity he has received International awards (Clio Award and awards for the sound Design for Viva/Viva2 and MTV).

CO produce Christian Willeczelek (Drums, Programming) lives and works as an active studio and live Drummer in Münster, Germany.

Nikola Materne is the singer and songwriter from Sphere, who will release their secomnd album in the near future with Blue Flame Records. She has given her voice and creative ideas to different artists such as Jean Michel, 4 stringers, HAL 9000 and Alien Drum & Bass Foundation. Besides this, her voice can be heard in Germany film püroductions such as Mondscheintarif, b.angeled and Goldene Zeiten.


Andy Zingsem vocals are heard on „Just Tell (Me What To Do)“. According to him, he is a Funkateer, singer and MC; he already toured with Reggae legend Lee “Scratch” Perry and T.M. Stevens (Joe Cocker, Steve Vai).

Chevalier Hadley is heard on „Paris Depression“ and „Hiding“. He is also known as front man of the band Noha and Frank Popp Ensemble with their hit single “Hip Teens Don’t Wear Blue Jeans”.

Akim Triebsch sings on „Chloe says…“. He is a Canadian singer and songwriter. As solo artists he is a one man orchestra by playing acoustic guitar and loop sampler at once.

Tracklist: 01 Wheels 1 – Dusk 1:35 // 02 A Letter For You 4:20 // 03 Chloé Says … 3:23 // 04 Samba Triste 5:16 // 05 Wheels 2 – Skyline 4:02 // 06 Silver Robot (Chill) 3:48 // 07 Hiding 5:18 // 98 Paris Depression 3:33 // 09 Lost In Berlin 4:06 // 10 Veil Of The Sunlight 3:35 // 11 Just Tell Me (What To Do) 4:08 // 12 Unique 5:20 // 13 You Know 5:50 // 14 Silver Robot (Dance) 3:18 // 15 Hiding (Short Cut) 3:42 // 16 Wheels 3 – Dawn 2:29

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