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Jah Never Fail Me Yet
Brother Resistance
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Maxi-Single Release "Jah Never Fail Me Yet"

Brother Resistance is one of the founding members and the driving force of the new Caribbean musical style called RAPSO.

Rapso is the Rap of Soca, the Poetry of Calypso, highlighting the traditional African Rhythms of the Caribbean. Essentially it is defined as the "Power of de word in de riddum of de word". Rapso as a musical artform is the combination of voice rhythm with traditional drum and steel drum.
In Trinidad and Tobago the oral tradition survived the experience of plantation slavery and manifest in the personality of the ´Chantuelle´. The Chantuelle is the griot, the chantleader in the call and response tradition who later evolved into the Calypsonian.
This word power motivation also existed in other characters of the Trinidad Carnival Street Theatre. The ´Midnight Robber´ in particular is credited with being the originator of the speed rap style popularized today in the dancehall business.
Rapso Riddum is influenced by the rhythms of the steelband yards, the Orisha yards (Orisha being an African religion still retained in Trinidad and Tobago) and the drum yards. In its musical expression Rapso can be compared to the Dub Poetry of Jamaica and the Afrobeat of Nigeria´s Fela Anikulapi Kuti.
It is necessary to point out that Brother Resistance is foremost a poet and the Rapso movement originally a literature movement. And still today, lyrics play an important role in Rapso. Brother Resistance has won several awards as a poet, among others for his poem "Pan Baby" in 1980.
Brother Resistance has taken the Rapso artform to another level by his various performances in the international music scene. His first British tour in 1986 was featured on BBC television. In 1989 he was sent as a cultural delegate to the World Festival of Youth and Students in Korea where he was certified for ´Excellence in the Arts´. In 1992 he toured for the first time the US, performing among other places at the renown Apollo Theatre as well as the SOB´s in New York. In 1993 he was featured at the ´Festival de Caribe´ in Rome (Italy) and the International Dub Poetry Festival - Toronto (Canada).
The international success of Brother Resistance is not only based on the quality of the music itself but to a great extent on his charismatic stage presence. His performances are extremely dynamic, intense and powerful, using theatrical elements in order to deliver his messages. His lyrics deal with crucial issues facing humanity - oppression, injustice, concern for the environment etc..

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