Blue Flame
Rama Ho
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India is the musical vision from Don Shiva: A country so rich with many different varieties of music styles and tradition. A country in which music plays a large role in every day life, be it religious or secular.

Don Shiva experiences the magic of indian music during his travels through the country, in temples or on the streets. During this time, first fragments of RAMA HO are produced; chants from inside temples with European Trance­Rhythms, is the direction which Don Shiva follows. Don Shiva, head of the project, brought back to Europe over 20 hours of recording material ­ voices, sounds, tablas and chants. This material is cut together and mixed by Don Shiva and two other musicians ­ Dr. Know and Mr. Loop ­ in their own studio, the "Eastside Gallery" in Berlin.

RAMA HO enables the listen to see how easy it is to break open the mysterious fassade of the indian music. Without destroying the deep backgrounds of the music or to fall into a commercialzation, the artists transform melodies and chants into a new sound concept, which also impressed indian musicians. The songs "Open Your Mind" and "Shankara Remix" do not belong to the general sound of the production, but they do reflect the music path the artists have choosen. It´s a dance orientated production with asian, indian influences. Both tracks will be released as a single­ album for promotion purpose and are already played in many "dance temples" around Germany.

Titels like "Om Shanti", "Jai Jai Vitale", "Hari" or the title song "Rama Ho" (including the remix version) are a balance for the musicians and producers of their long journey through danceable music of India.

Don Shiva feat. Indya (the dancer) is to been seen as a multi culutral sound project as already well known in Great Britain (Asien Underground) and does not function as a World Music formation in the usual sence.

The musical spectrum of ideas from Don Shiva have just started and further productions and remixes are just a matter of time before they are released.

The complete "indien Dream" story can be read in the "News" Section of our homepage.

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