Black Flame
Winter Chill Deluxe 1.0
Various Artists
CD 88662
EUR 13,33

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"Winter Chill Deluxe 1.0" sensitively accompanies the season of shorter and cooler days of the year. Apart from electronic feel-good beats, DJ Red Buddha tried to play a trick on the winter depression. And it works quite well. Quiet tracks, where a certain melancholy is carried, are a welcome counterweight to the usual electro lounge compilations. Label-known artists such as Jazzamor, Orientation, Bloomfield, Dubdiver or Sphere stand alongside yet to be discovered artists like You, Tim Mac Brian, Elisa Waut and Dido. This music makes it easier to get through the winter. Fireside, red wine, good food and ... "Winter Chill Deluxe 1.0.”

Track list: 01 Winterrose Jazzamor 3:21; 02 My Friend You 4:25; 03 Night Tides Dubdiver 6:25; 04 Tomorrow Sphere 4:38; 05 Winter Fantasies Lenny Mac Dowell 6:33; 06 House on a Hill Jazzamor 4:44; 07 La Nuit des Fées Tim Mac Brian 4:56; 08 Where is the Sun Elisa Waut 3:57; 09 Sans Esprit (Score-Chillmix) Bloomfield 5:07; 10 Across the View Dido 4:03; 11 Yedi Orientation 3:29; 12 Dreamer Sphere 4:59; 13 Lost Home Antonino Imanuel 4:50

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