Black Flame
Various Artists
CD 88572
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„Swinging, but easy. Hot, but always elegant.“

The summer is coming and a certain rhythm with it – drifting just as the new Blue Flame release “Bossamotion”. Motion is the key attribute - and the CD title could hardly be more precisely selected, as it demonstrates the wonderfully varied compilation in an impressive manner.

Bossa, the lightweight rhythm of Brazil, and the Nu-Bossa style, had their beginning at the end of the 1950s – though the sound is neither dusty nor antique. Especially in the cultural scene and local club culture of North America and Europe Nu-Bossa has always been present. The roots of Brazilian Samba and Bossa are part of the global mainstream sound.

Whether skilfully casual with down beats or up tempo sounds and briskly-percussion - the tracks on “Bossamotion” groove, flow and revive. The artists included on the compilation work with modern equipment, mixing Samba and Bossa to a casual sound-carpet. Electronic components support the driving base of the sound and gives it additional energy.

Thus “Bossamotion” remodels Nu-Bossa in high culture and reflects the moods and timbres of the Latin American part of the globe. In addition to timeless classics of already known Blue Flame artists, there are also new, previously unreleased compositions and mixes on the compilation, that celebrate their premiere on “Bossamotion”. All titles impress with its warm, analogue sound and relaxed virtuosity with the Latin flair.

Light electronically, modern interpretations such as “Bossalectrica” from jp-juice or “Never Regret” by Decò thrill just as much as the jazzy interpretations of Moca and Jazzamor. Bossasonic, that just recently released their debut album “Club Life” (BF 88562) on Blue Flame Records open up the “Club Tropicana” – a Nu-Bossa remix of Wham’s original. Jazzamor continue with a “Beautiful Day”, and Sphere - with her delicate voice – brings in a well-being by dedicating a hymn to “Spring”. Brand new formation Keyfonia ends the trip with the Latin-flavoured track “Rio Bossa”.

Enjoy the Brazilian roots of Samba & Nu-Bossa!

Track List: 01 Club Tropicana – Bossasonic 03:59 // 02 Te Quero Amar – Barrière feat. Iramar 03:24 // 03 Sunbather – Sphere 04:48 // 04 Beautiful Day – Jazzamor 03:29 // 05 November Rain – Gheto Blaster Ltd. 04:46 // 06 Entspanner – Moca 04:37 // 07 Veil of the Sunlight – Alien Café 03:51 // 08 Corpo Suado – Praful 08:42 // 09 Sandman – Hermosa 04:37 // 10 Mar De Paixao – Jazzamor 03:34 // 11 Ilusoes – Barriére feat. Themis & Jim Porto 03:31 // 12 Never Regret – Decò 04:18 // 13 Bossalectrica – jp-juice 04:29 // 14 Spring – Sphere 03:57 // 15 Rio Bossa – Keyfonia 04:48 // Total time: 67:00

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