Blue Flame
Summer Night Guitars
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GuitaMAR is a new musical concept from Peter Schick (guitars) and Uli Frank (keyboards), both musicians from Agua Loca.

Acoustic guitar with Nuevo Flamenco elements and Mediterranean sound compositions, determine the universal concept of "Summer Night Guitars".

The versatile and harmoniously composed sound paintings and the solo parts of the Spanish guitar, accompany the listener into a world of nature. Flowing sounds and collagen of several superimposed played guitar melodies and solos, along with string and keyboards arrangements, are reflected in titles such as "Bahia Blanca", "Peña Dorada" or "Marea Morada", "Plaza Verde" or "Viento Amarillo.

The track "Selva Negra" almost reminds of the distinctive Pink Floyd sound, in which the acoustic and electric guitars find their way through the "Black Jungle".

Many of the produced compositions can also be heard in the ZDF TV series "Global Vision" in connection with exciting images from different countries around the world.

"Summer Night Guitars" – a very outstanding listening experience.

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