Blue Flame World Music
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Blue Planet are:
Lenny Mac Dowell: Flutes, Bamboo, Alto and Synth. Flutes
Hakim Ludin: Percussion
Neyveli B. Venkatesh: Mridangam
Ganesh: Violin, Vocals
Kumaresh: Violin

The Karnatic Music of South India
The Indian music culture knows two major traditions, that are related to one another and are both based on Raga and Tala: the Hindustani music of North India and the Karnatic music of South India. In opposition to the music tradition of the North, the South Indian music remained unaffected by foreign influences and is now one of the most high developed music cultures of the world.

The Musicians

Ganesh & Kumaresh, Violin Duo
The brothers Ganesh and Kumaresh come from an old Indian family of musicians, from which precious tradition and classical music was passed down from father to son. Early encounters with the classical music in the surrounding field of their home, where several students of their parents practiced, inspired the brothers, so that Ganesh began to play the violin at the age of three and Kumaresh even earlier.
The violin has taken its own place in the South Indian, karnatic music. The instrument is bound so close to the karnatic music, that it is found in every concert performed.
Their first performance was 1972 during the Asia exhibition in New Delhi. Their final breakthrough was made in 1975 with several concerts in Madras. Through many enthusiastic concert critics, the public and concert organizations in South India began to take notice of the two musicians. Ganesh and Kumaresh soon belonged to the best artists and despite their young age, they were very much liked by lovers of the karnatic music. Due to their extraordinary talent and their professionality, both were regarded as senior musicians, before even becoming teenagers. Today they belong to the best musicians in South India.

Neyveli B. Venkatesh, Mridangam
At the age of seven, Venkatesh ´s father started educating his son in playing the Mridangam. His first performances were at the age of ten. Further teachers were famous musicians such as Sri P. P. Venkateshan and Sri Ramanathapuram M. N. Kandaswamy Pillai.
Famous South Indian instrumentalists, violin players, saxophonists, flute players and singers all value Venkatesh as a sensible side musician and a brilliant solo player, mastering classical and complicated compositions.
Venkatesh´s musical and artistic perfection handling the technical difficult Mridangam, a double headed drum, make him to one of the most wanted musicians at festivals and concerts in India.

Hakim Ludin, Percussion Artist
Master of magic sounds and rhythm creations, Hakim Ludin starts his musical career with a classical education as orchestra musician for drums and percussion instruments at the conservatory in Karlsruhe, Germany. After graduating successfully, he starts playing in different Jazz formations and composes music pieces for several major theatres throughout Germany.
Besides his own projects, studio works and tv live-performances, Hakim Ludin plays together with famous Jazz musicians, such as Jonas Hellborg (Bass player/John McLaughlin), Terry Bozzio (Drummer/Frank Zappa), Alex Acuna (Weather Report) and Luis Conte (Yellow Jackets).
Since several years now, Hakim Ludin is the musical conductor of Jazz and Drum seminars at the Bavarian Music Academy Marktoberdorf and can be heard on several releases. He is an international honored percussion player, specialist for percussion instruments and sound creator.
His individuality of soft, background rhythms and sounds are internationally asked for on stages and film and tv studios.
His music can be described as lyrical Jazz, his way of improvisation as musical meditation.
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Hakim Ludin plays Meinl Percussion, Schlagwerk Klangobjekte, AKG Mikrophone, Zildjian, Vic Firth and Remo.

Lenny Mac Dowell, Flutes
Lenny Mac Dowell has become well-known through his innovative modern style and also as composer and producer. Many CD productions, with him as studio musician and producer have been released. He has released own productions, such as Autumn Breath, Flying Torso, The Farthest Shore, Flute Power, Radioactive, Echnaton´s Return, Balance of Power and compositions for documentary film productions. Unusual spectacular flute sounds are his way of transporting the flute into another dimension.
Together with Hakim Ludin, Lenny Mac Dowell founded Blue Planet, always bringing in new international musicians, giving each release an extraordinary sound and thus becoming a part of his creative field as musician and producer.
Lenny Mac Dowell plays: Buffet Crampon / Boosey& Hawkes Flutes

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