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Many fans have been waiting very long for this new production from Musafir. Hameed Khan, head of th band, composer and Tabla player finished up this second Musafir production called >Barsaat<.

>Barsaat< means as much as the precious rain in Rajasthan. Water, the most noble and important good of the region, is so to say, the focal point of the new CD.

Hameed Khan is, in the mean time, an international known Tabla player, lives mostly in Paris; the musical globetrotter literally connects cultures. He represents together with his band Musafir the music of Rajasthan. The musical form of interpretation is rooted in the music tradition of the "Sepera" - the gypsies of Rajasthan. The artists understand themselves as holy carriers of a spiritual tradition, that compared to the strict rules of the muslim artists, allow women to be part of the music. A reason why on this particular production the core ensemble is supported by femal vocalists, dancers and even fakirs.

>Barsaat<, the second album of Musafir - many have tried to copy the ensemble, but none were even close the the musical substance Musafir has.

Who ever owns the first album, will notice that on >Barsaat< is a further development of the souvereign performance of unusual instrumentation. No matter if it´s a Jew´s harp, Tablas, Dholak, Bhapang (Track "Balu") vocals, Clarinett, Sarangi or Bendir, all these instruments come together in harmony. A trip to the U.K. Asian Underground together with the band Transglobal Underground feat. Natacha Atlas on track no. 6 - "Ali Mullah", shows the flexibility of Musafir.

Nobody should miss the chance to go see Musafir perform live - to experience the traditional music paired with a magical and unforgetable show.

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