Black Flame
Aphrodissimo Mixed by MOC Paoli
M.O.C. Paoli
CD 88342
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M.O.C. Paoli, creative musician, producer, DJ and "Master of Ceremonies" was living for many years in India, Goa, and he is one of the pioneers of Goa Trance music, which is known all over the world. He is also co-founder of the cult project Cosmic Tramp & Plasma Pleasure, never standing still, moving and exploring modern electronic music. Since 6 years he is resident DJ at Bambuddha Grove in Ibiza and the mastermind and compiler of the famous 4 Bambuddha Grove Double CD Compilations and also many other international productions.

"Aphrodissimo" is the result of long researches and stylistic sound choices. This compilation is a musical elixir, stimmulant for the seduction of the sences. M.O.C. takes us on a journey, that has its roots in the rhythm of African music, taking us further to the shores of the Arabian Sea all the way to India. Afro-Oriental grooves´n vibes embodied in modern electronic music make up a melange for harmonising the body, mind & soul.

A musical Aphrodissiac for cosmopolitan people.

Tracklist: 01 Benirras Mix - M.O.C.Paoli 7:28 // 02 Love Supreme (Breakout Mix) - Dissidenten/DJ Badmarsh 6:19 // 03 Jogulen (Wake Up) - General Maans 5:09 // 04 Kamini - Taufiq 5:49 // 05 African Trance - Amaruvision 5:28 // 06 Drumming up a Storm - Bob Holroyd 5:33 // 07 Noyana - Herman Tladi 3:58 // 08 Omnamo - Don Shiva 5:32 // 09 Jive Divine - The Hu 5:05 // 10 Watch the Cat - Bahramji & Maneesh de Moor 9:24 // 11 Al Rashid - Red Buddha 7:46 // 12 Sawani - Setona 4:08

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