Blue Flame
Beautiful Day
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There is one thing that distinguishes the typical Jazzamor sound: it is multifaceted, can’t be ascribe to any usual style and is magnificently suited to chill out to.

This is also the case with their fourth album now: For "Beautiful Day" Bettina Mischke and Roland Grosch formed 12 sound pearls, each shinning in a different color. Latino Sound, Nu Bossa with Pop Jazz influences are the foremost sound of this new production again.

A Jazzamor album is always done in teamwork, both Bettina and Roland are directly involved in all development processes - from sound, to text and production. Both have their "priorities": Bettina Mischke brings soul into the lyrics, often in harmonious cooperation with Mary Applegate; Roland Grosch is originator of the music, the sound designer: he is the master mind of the so typical minimalist and electronic sounds of Jazzamor, he frames the catchy melodies with small sound gadgets.

"Beautiful Day" is not a concept album, the new songs rather reflect the personal life in a positive sense for both musicians. "We both have just let go of happenings in our lives – each of us managed farewells and started new beginnings; these songs are on personal levels," says singer Bettina Mischke.

In comparison to the first 3 albums, each of which had much time for production, the twelve songs from "Beautiful Day" were recorded in just eight weeks. This approach emerged as very intense and inspirational. The reason for such short time, is that the company Ferrero (belonging to Nestlé) is celebrating their 40 anniversary for a well known chocolate candy bar and is using “Beautiful Day” to promote this anniversary. As always, many of the musicians playing live on tour with Jazzamor, were also part of the studio team. Speaking of tours: Jazzamor travels very much, particularly in the more eastern countries such as Russia, Ukraine or Azerbaijan. In these countries, Jazzamor is a welcomed guest and the fan base is growing steadily; it is expected to happen in other countries around the world soon, too.

Track list: 1. Beautiful Day – 3:35 // 2. Pouring Rain – 4:11 // 3. Time is Running – 4:13 // 4. Ambivalent Love Song – 3:55 // 5. Here and Now– 3:25 // 6. Love Track – 3:27 // 7. Amazing – 4:00 // 8. House on a Hill – 4:48 // 9. Winterrose – 3:25 // 10. Transmission to Mars – 4:13 // 11. Forget Yesterday – 3:27 // 12. Dreamer – 4:55

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