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“There is probably no other band around, that is able to connect Latin-American and Mediterranean rhythm with Rock in such a perfect way as AGUA LOCA!”
-Stuttgarter Zeitung (local newspaper)

With their latest creation „Toca“, the Latino-Rock formation AGUA LOCA threads up a further musical bead on the long chain of innumerable live-appearances and CD releases. From the first chord on, one can hardly believe that this lively mixture of Rock, Latino rhythms and Mediterranean flair is performed by a local Stuttgart combo. This aspect doesn’t make it a surprise that bandleader, Peter Schick – “Germany’s best Santana”, as critics once said – gathers his musicians around to be one of the hottest party tip since the 70’s.

Meanwhile AGUA LOCA ranks among the most important and in music most interesting formations from Southern Germany, which they prove each time to their audience in countless international live-appearances, radio parties and television appearances. Due to the grooves, the beats and overwhelming joy in their music, many record labels world-wide license music from AGUA LOCA on various compilations. In 1996 the holiday-airline Condor (Lufthansa) used the AGUA LOCA track „Gambajillo“ as its official summer hit and played the title on all inflight programs during the summer holiday season.

On „Toca“ Latino facets blend together with Rock beats and a touch of Spanish Flamencos to a multicoloured-audio Tappas mix plate, which could easily be a main dish with all their unique grooves and expressively good danceable tunes. From the ten tracks existing on the album, eight are underlined by the wonderful voices of Gina and Ryno. The two merge in incomparable way in English and Spanish language with the vibe of groovy ecstatic congas and drums and easy-sounding saxophone and keyboard tunes, completed by modern sequencer-sounds. Tracks like „Down to Mexico“ or „First Days of Summer“ have audible Country-Rock influences mixed with Latin vibes, blending it together to a Melange, which reminds of allegedly well-known sounds – through refined arrangements and musical interpretation however, it remains pleasantly uncertain, what is actually believed to be recognized. The two instrumentals „Un Sueño“ and „Percussion and Drums“ are dominated by Santana influenced guitar solos and percussion parts, shifting the audience into the middle of Spain for some moments - with all the joy of life, the dance, the good mood and the incomparable charm of Southern European mentality.

The art to make the complexity of rhythms, the multi-layer arrangements and the flow in music appear in a superficial simplicity, is the characteristic of this Production, which goes directly into the blood and keeps the tension until the last note of the last track is played …

Tracklist: Agua Loca Toca 3:47, Marí Te Vi 4:38, Down To Mexico 3:53, Un Sueño 2:31, Tócame Amor 4:43, Bum Bum 3:19, Not A Sad Song 5:12, First Days Of Summer 4:23, Percussion And Drums 6:18, Vientos De Primavera 6:37

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