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With the new release "Vámonos", Agua Loca presents another production in Spanish Latino Rock.
The band has once again achieved an international standard, which can be considered as a quality of the extra­class. The intense work on the song material, preparation and fine tuning in the studio, is the foreground of this production. First positive reaction are paying off the hard work put into "Vámonos".
Agua Loca has been true to their own style for years and is presently heading on a successful track with their slight >Santana< touch.
Peter Schick, head of the band, composer, singer and guitar player has been working since 1992 on this project with success. Tours through Europe, such as in Spain, UK, Italy, France and many festivals underline his work.
In the meantime, the band belongs to one of the most important and interesting formations in Southern Germany. The so-called "Spanish Nights" from Agua Loca have reached cult status in the region and are fully sold out beforehand. Songs such as Vámonos, Fiesta Mundial, Rain In Spain and many more from the previous four releases, bubble over with energy and fill the listener with enthusiasm.
With the production Vámonos, the band themselves feel like an international breakthrough can be achieved ­ the time is right for Agua Loca and Vámonos.

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