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Entre Ciel Et Terre
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Entre Ciel Et Terre
Tim Mac Brian

Tim Mac Brian’s „Entre Ciel Et Terre“ is music from out of the silence.

The musician and producer Tim Mac Brian from the Elsace, is a globetrotter in music. With a fine sence for soft sounds and melodies, the artist is able to combine a synthesis of natural sounds and music into a perfect harmony. On his trips throughout the world, mac Brian collects different moods in form of nature recordings.

„Entre Ciel Et Terre“ (Between Heaven and Earth) is the name of his debut album, that combines sounds from european forrests with with atmospheric sounds. Graceful celtic compositions are the style of Tim Mac Brian, who plays all his instruments himslef and records them in a special equipped studio.

His music mediates a typical feeling of life in a unique paradise, where ever it is to be found. Tim Mac Brian’s vision is, that his sounds can be found in the fantasy of humans and also in the relationship between nature and humanity.

A music with spiritual power, created by a citizen of this world with a special feeling to music.

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