Blue Flame
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The creative and diverse collaboration ESO ES is release their debut album with "Illuminate". For pure listening pleasure provided by a mixture of ethno-lounge meditative music with a unique organic sound, the comparison to well-known projects such as Café del Mar or Buddha Bar can easily be done. ESO ES combine deep melodies with ethnic impacts, organic sounds, world music elements, soft relaxing music and perceptive vocals.

The first success of the debut album has the title "See Peace. It is used in the documentary "The Journey of an Olive Tree", which was introduced on the 49th Film Festival in Krakow (Poland) from May 29 to June 4, 2009. The documentary tells the story of "Breaking the Ice" Sahara expedition from Jerusalem to Tripoli.

ESO ES is Spanish and means "so it is". This feather-light "so it is" is expressed through the music of ESO ES with a vibe of tranquility, harmony and unity. Precisely these attributes are reflected in the origin of the musicians; in terms of origin and religion could not be more different. A Muslim, a Jew, a Christian and Buddhist weave their cultures and creative roots to a varied and enriching sound carpet.

The production of their debut album was also a form of creative self-experience for each musicians. Only in the context of the recording and production work, did they become aware of their different origins and the cultural interpretation of pre-conscious art. Even more proud is ESO ES of this consistently smooth production, the multicultural creative process in almost aurally perceptible way.

Each of the group members identified strongly with the respective origins, over comes cultures and traditiona to connect in this unique collaboration. Turgay Ayaydinli, Frank Schellenberger, Nadja Narotzky and JJ Jones met in Berlin, a city with many faces that can safely be described as a cultural melting pot. There was no better place to bring such a project to life..

The dynamics of the different talents are ubiquitous in every song. Turgay and Frank, two experienced producers from Berlin, served a wide range of east-inspired sounds and instrumentation. Nadja Narotzky, composer and pianist, cultivates on refined way around Western melodies. The topping is JJ Jones, giving a sensitive density to the production with his virtuosity and profound vocals.

So it is!

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