Black Flame
Schizophrenic Lounge
CD 88102
EUR 5,00

Texte  Sound 

"Schizophrenic Lounge" is a re-release of the 1997 limited Double-CD paper box release "Sit Back & Relax" from VIBEMARES. It´s an extract from the many remixes the band made. A new digital 24 BIT mastering gives this production a new face named "Schizophrenic Lounge", because now then ever, the band´s style is trend oriented. VIBEMARES were beyond time in 1997, which is why Blue Flame Records decided to make a re-release of the best tracks. Jazzy, groovy Lounge character, with well-known musicians from soundcity Stuttgart - such as DJ Friction (Freundeskreis) - gives the album the kick onto the international parquet.

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