Black Flame
Tchai - Oriental Mix by DJ Red Buddha
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"Tchai - Oriental Mix" is the third compilation in the Black Flame "Tea series" mixed by DJ Red Buddha. This time, using the "vibes from the Orient"!

Tea has been, for quite a while already, not just restricted to Asia. More and more people in the western world have turned their backs on the popular Coffee and are discovering the healthy drink in all its variations. This CD is for people, that want to experience the best from each moment they live and that understand to live daily life with the influences of foreign kultures. A life style living the experience of the tea ceremony.

"Tchai - Oriental Mix" is on one hand a touch of Arabian Nights, influenced by Oriental music and on the other, the proof, that there are no borders for the fusion of traditional, Oriental music mixed with western beats and electronic sounds. This mix is an essential part of the new Oriental music culture. Arabesque rhythms - jewels of the Nu Orient and Downbeats with a loungy atmosphere, beautiful voices, simple murmurs and truly entracing tunes, form a nice flavor between Oriental sensuality and the taste of Oriental mint tea.

With "Oriental Mix", DJ Red Buddha has used groovy sounds and electronic mixes … coming up with "Nu Orient" … a sound to dive into the exotic world of sound and instrumental diversity. All that want to experience this charm, will need this CD to make mental fata morganas of Aladdin, Sheherazade, oasis and never-ending deserts come true.

Artists like Christophe Goze, Khamsin Orchestra, MC Sultan (better known as Dzihan & Kamien), T&Masson, Nouri, D-Cup, Mokhira, Fezaani, Malik Belili, Mac Dowell & Krell and DJ Tuareg, with a touch for extraordinary sounds, create an atmosphere, like starry nights, evergreen oasis and the peace of the desert to dive into and take time out from the busy daily life.

Tracklist: 01 Gate to Silkroad Mokhira 01:11 // 02 Sheba Khamsin Orchestra 05:55 // 03 Josiane MC Sultan 04:08 // 04 Hann El Amar Abdel Kerim 06:14 // 05 Don´t You Lie To Me Voyage 04:21 // 06 Joycefull Karma T&Masson 03:51 // 07 Nuelly The Third Planet 04:07 // 08 Henna Nouri 04:06 // 09 The Awakening Mac Dowell & Krell 05:48 // 10 Moving Into Achetaton Mac Dowell & Krell 04:49 // 11 Sirocco Christophe Goze 03:54 // 12 Qumran D-Cup 04:14 // 13 Les Voyage De Simbad Fezaani 04:13 // 14 Afous (danse traditionelle) Malik Belili 04:05 // 15 Ja Vidi Christophe Goze 05:13 // 16 Oasis feat. Mandolin Man DJ Tuareg 05:29

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