Black Flame
Chakra Lounge Vol. 2
No Noise
CD 88312
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Three years after the release of the first CHAKRA LOUNGE album, that has been considered one of the best lounge albums worldwide, Chakra Lounge 2 is now released.
The first album has been licensed in many countries, from the USA, many countries in Europe down to Australia and even New Zealand. Many of the tracks have been included in prestigious compilations and are still requested by record companies everywhere.
After such a successful album – as far as sales and critics - it could not be an easy task to satisfy the expectations and therefore the artists bet on the richness of sounds and spontaneity. Chakra Lounge 2 is the result of long researches and stylistic sound choices. The 14 songs of the project are created by the same group of artists from the first album; they all belong to the Twilight Music team, the Italian label that always focuses its attention on music changes, new sounds and trends.
NO NOISE: Maximus and Peter Micioni, experienced and talented musicians and producers, are the creators – together with Paul Micioni – of the Chakra Lounge project. Their ‘Expand your mind’ is the opening track of the album.
VICTOR: Between a défilé in Paris and Rome, she composes her little work of art. In collaboration with the talented young artist Marco Ricci, Victor creates and performes the second track ‘Pyretic Idealism’, a refined and elegant song with an unusual arrangemet by Marco Ricci. This magic collaboration has produced three more tracks on the album: ´Different Colours’, ‘Escape from reality’ and ‘It’s new’.
URBAN CHILL: alias Marco Ricci, likes the contrasts between the sounds of an old guitar and advanced technology. He has already produced two albums and is a very prolific artist, a true volcano of ideas. Three are his songs on Chakra Lounge 2: ´Blow or snow’, ‘L’essentiel’ and ‘Oblivion’.
ENSEMBLE ETHNIQUE: They are great performers of new frontiers of ethnic music. A real band, that plays live with the same enthusiam, as they do in the studio and produce their album with the right doses of electronic and unplugged sounds. They were among the protagonists of the first Chakra Lounge and with four tracks - ´Bossa lounge’, ‘Ipnorient’, ‘Nosotros’ and ‘Dansour’ put their signature in the second.
BARRIERE feat. THEMIS: A young musician with the passion for the great artists of the past and, it is in fact with a song that has this flavour, that he takes part to the project. ‘Sonhando Ipanema’ is a tribute to the brazilian city with the beautiful voice by Themis.
MARCO FULLONE@montecarlonight: As the leading DJ of Radio Monte Carlo, he contributes to the album, his arrangement skill, his passion, competence and good taste for music to finalized the project. The result is a pleasant and “must-have”CD!

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