Black Flame
MASH Chapter 1 mixed by Raul Rincon
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A high-quality double-CD 8-page Digipack compilation for the in-club MASH in Stuttgart, Germany mixed by DJ Raul Rincon.

Raul Rincon who bought his first set of the legendary Technics 1210 at the mere age of 14, can already look back on a career in DJing of fourteen years, during which he played in many clubs. Re-bookings of more than 90% illustrate very clearly his diversive sets, creating a rollercoaster for all the partypeople. Therefore he plays periodical at Viva´s (German TV Music Channel) ?Ritmo de Bacardi?-Parties.

But soon he found it wasn´t fullfilling enough to just spin the records of other people: Under the projects ?Jerk Work?, ?Drop Dishes? and ?Snack? he released 35 productions and more than 80 Remixes. Inevitably he also was offered various remix-jobs as diverse as the radical reworkings of tracks by Euro-Chartsbreakers N-TRANCE, LUTRICIA MC NEAL, KYM MAZELLE, german hiphop-outfit DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER and the successful german rockers FURY IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE.

As one of the most capable DJ-promoters (better known as ?DJ Smurf? here) he supplies over 1000 DJs with various releases. In addition he also worked as a label-assistent to the ambitious COUNTING label.

Since 2001 he´s exclusivly producing and remixing under the name RAUL RINCON, he´s also managing his label ?tenor recordings?.

RAUL RINCON ? That´s 24 hours of DJ-culture every day of the week!!!

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