Spirit Of Nature
The Farthest Shore
new age
CD 39842022
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"The Farthest Shore" is a solo production from the flute player, Lenny Mac Dowell. Nevertheless, it is not just simply music for solo flute. His intricate electronic equipment creates the accompaniments on some of the tracks. This is done by synthesizers, whose sequence­modules play programmed sounds and by long electronic echoes. Lenny Mac Dowell developed the equipment himself and it is unique for wind instruments (similar equipment is usually only used by keyboards).

In front of the translucent sound curtain, created in this way, Mac Dowell plays all sorts of flutes: traverse flute, alto flute, bass flute, various bamboo flutes and a special synthesizer flute.

All tracks were digitally recorded without overdubs (playbacks). Inspite of all the electronics used, the music has a thouroughly organic character. Its expansive melody lines and sparkling cascades of sounds, create an atmosphere of calmness and depth. Mac Dowell is consiously exploiting the possibilities of his instruments.

The enormous dynamic range, from the finest blowing noises to the impulsive synthesizer sounds, is particularly well rendered by the digital recording and reproduction. This 70 minute CD contains a 20 minute long meditation act with sound collage and 3D special effects.

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