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The Golden Gospel Singers - In Concert
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The Golden Gospel Singers

Bob Singleton and his Golden Gospel Singers have been around for over 15 years, a trademark for excellent Christian music, what the musicians and voices of the mixed formation show on their first DVD release "The Golden Gospel Singers - In Concert." The program consists mainly of traditional gospel, in multi-faceted arrangements. From contemplative soul up to joyful and timely groovy is the range of songs. Especially the vocal colourful Unisono-Passages generate goose bumps. Messages from traditionals and songs from founder Bob Singleton run under the slogan "Amazing Grace," "Goin’ Up Yonder," "It's All About You, Lord" up to the peak, especially for the singers themselves, they give praise and joyously preach, that even non-believers have much fun. This church is truly accessible for everyone; it is warm and open.

For several years now The Golden Gospel Singers tour from autumn until spring in Germany and enthuse a very excited audience with their performances – reason enough, to release a live recording of a concert on DVD.

Two characteristics distinguish The Golden Gospel Singers: on the one hand their modern appearance and the fresh arrangements of well-known gospel songs, on the other hand the ever-changing singers: besides vocalists, from the Jazz and Gospel scene, that perform as background singers with well-known Pop artists in the USA, founder Bob Singleton also gives young newcomers a chance to prove their talent on international, on European soil. As part of the Golden Gospel Singers concerts, there are also Gospel workshops, which are very well attended.

The Golden Gospel Singers have sung themselves into the hearts of a fan audience from Italy to Austria over Scandinavia down to Switzerland. For the first time, of course, with stunning success they performed in Madrid, Spain this year and also in Moscow, the gospel formation was met with great applause. And the Dutch also show great interest - in the past year, the group continued its successful debut on Dutch television.

The DVD "The Golden Gospel Singers - In Concert" documents a concert, in front an enthusiastic audience in the “Friedenskirche” (Peace Church) in Ludwigsburg, Germany on January, 27th 2007 - a very impressive concert, in a refreshing addition to the modernization of this genre, the traditional gospel elements have their place. From two hours recording visual and acoustic highlights were filtered out. The Golden Gospel Singers encourage their audience to get up and join in and sometimes people find themselves suddenly dancing to the music. This may already be familiar from US television shows, but in Germany (and Europe) it is a new experience and all seem to have lots of fun doing it.

Tracklist DVD: 01 Amazing Grace, 02 This Little Light of Mine/Gold Gospel Singers Theme Song, 03 Goin’ Up Yonder, 04 Soon And Very Soon, 05 Oh When The Saints, 06 Heavens Highway, 07 Wade in the Water, 08 Storm Is Over, 09 Landmark Medley, 10 Up To Glory/Amen, 11 It’s All About You Lord

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