Black Flame
Beach Service - Sunset Chill
Various Artists
CD 88632
EUR 10,71

Texte  Sound 

Finest chillout sound for one of the most beautiful places on earth - a Beach!

13 beautiful tracks present the typical relaxed beach sound, there are many live instruments such as guitar, piano and percussion and highly melodic vocals in all sorts of languages. The tracks are carried mostly by floating and consistently easy-going beats that transport this incomparable sunset feel.

Mediterranean beats come from Agua Loca Project "Marea Morada” and Jazzamor with" Here And Now" and "Ambivalent Love Song", which have the sunset in their Beat: classical acoustic guitars, sensual vocals and gentle melodies tickle a certain “something” out of the speakers. "Liar" from the ubiquitous Lenny Mac Dowell has a comfortable lounge feeling rhythm. Carried away by the sea, gentle chill-out dreams and the next beachside holiday, Sphere with their songs "Is It Sun?" & "I Fly Away" and Orientation with "All By Myself" float past in slow motion – so good, to just press the play button again and enjoy the 13 tracks from the beginning. Cool beats create a pleasant relaxing atmosphere that are never "droning" or intrusive. A successful mix of club sounds, and funky jazz - the usual chillout sound.

Tracklist: 01 Liar Lenny Mac Dowell 8:07, 02 Chloé Says… Alien Café 3:27, 03 Floating On Move (salida-del-sol-mix) Dubdiver 5:58, 04 Is It Sun? Sphere 3:32, 05 Marea Morada Agua Loca Project 7:18, 06 Ambivalent Love Song Jazzamor 3:53, 07 Columbian Sun Christophe Spendel & Keyfonia Project 4:10, 08 Sometimes (remix) Cosmic Orient - Remix by Red Buddha 9:11, 09 I Fly Away Sphere 4:30, 10 Love me please love me Bloomfield 4:02, 11 Here And Now Jazzamor 3:47, 12 Eternity Sunset (chillout remix) Bloomfield & Lenny Mac Dowell 9:27, 13 All By Myself Orientation 6:16

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