Black Flame
The Traveller
ambient,world music,electronic,lounge
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christophe goze - the traveller, is on a musical journey across the globe.
French Catalan born Christophe Goze grew up in the chic and alluring capital of Paris. He was from a young age fed on a diet of music and engulfed by his fathers own passion for the art of music. Coming from a family of professional classical musicians, his father a music teacher as well as his Grand father, Christophe had no other choice but to start his musical education at an early age! At 4 he was taught piano by his father and at 9 the guitar. So innate was his musical ability.
Christophe Goze’s Spanish connection is integral to his music and important to his own creativity as he has always felt very close to Spanish music, and from the very start it has influenced the way he plays guitar.
To form a picture of Christophe Goze’s colourful background and his introductions into the world of professional music, he began by entering the CIM, a prestigious Jazz music school in Paris. To date, Christophe has produced tracks mixing with true passion those World, Jazz and classical elements and has in the past 3 years released tracks on over 100 compilations including Ministry of sound / Bar de lune/ Jazz FM records, Buddha Bar, Nirvana Lounge alongside remix projects for the ‘LE CIRQUE DU SOLEIL’ and AFTERLIFE Feat DINNII MINOGUE. He keeps writing for documentaries, films and even play station games in the UK and the US. He is, in essence a work driven producer and musician, priding himself on being versatile and trying healthily not to get stuck in one musical activity.
The greatest thing about Christophe Goze is his experimentation and the way he has allowed his travels and experiences to influence his style, with open mind and heart. He is ever ready for the next challenge, constantly exploring for new inspiration and keeping an eye firmly on his roots as well as the future. With one constant of course, his passion for it.

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