Blue Flame
Bahramji & Mashti
world music,world fusion,electronic
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Bahramji and Mashti look back on a longlasting cooperation and friendship with their new album \"Divaneh\" after \"Sufi Safir\" and \"Sufiyan\".

On the journey to the album \"Divaneh\" Bahramji took his inspiration from his childhood memories in old Persian Kurdistan and Mashti was inspired by Indian music and his fundamental desire for inner peace.

Three titles are based on Kurdish songs and nursery rhymes (\"Celebration\", \"Zibah\" and \"Dooset Daram\") and complemented with texts by the mystic Sufi Poet \"Rumi\".

The excitement of this collaboration is to unite tradition and modernity. This fusion demonstrates how music of different foreign cultures blends together with Kurdish Persian music and Indian music without giving itself up. Each area, be it the lyrics, instruments or the voice of Bahramji have found their own place in \"Divaneh\".

The santoor, a traditional Persian stringed instrument, as well as text fragments from the Persian poets Rumi, Attar, Saadi and Havez, together with the voice of Bahramji along with modern ethno grooves, define the sound of this production.

Beide Musiker kommen musikalisch aus sehr unterschiedlichen Kulturkreisen, Mashti aus Dänemark, dort arbeitet er als DJ und Producer. Bahramji, dessen Instrument die Santoor sowie seine Stimme ist, lebt heute in Holland und Ibiza und blickt auf eine lange Karriere als Musiker zurück. Gebürtig ist er jedoch im Iran.

Both musicians come from very different musical cultures, Mashti from Denmark, where he works as a DJ and producer. Bahramji, whose instrument, the santoor and alo his voice is, now lives in Holland and Ibiza has a long and distinguished career as a musician. However, he was born in Iran.

Bahramji says about his music: \"When you hear music that captivates you, it\'s not the music itself, but the relationship of two notes. This is the real fascination. Music has a natural magic, no matter the language. It is also the secret of our ancient world that is transported by music, because music is the language of beauty and peace. \"

Production places like Goa - India, Copenhagen, Den Haag, Ibiza and New York bestows \"Divaneh\" a feeling of freedom and peace.

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