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World Music Café
Blue Flame World Music Compilation

The much discussed "Globalization" is not only happening in the world of business ­ The WORLD MUSIC CAFÉ represents a philosophy, a way of life and attitude. The concept of the World Music Café is to familiarize our customers with as many aspects as possible of foreign cultures on a continuously high level. The idea to combine these thoughts with music in a restaurant was born on a trip to China in May ´96, which lead the makers of the café to Xinjiang, Beijing and Shanghai. Getting in touch with Uigur music, which is very rich and interesting, but, as so many others, rather unknown to the Western World, followed by extensive discussions with musicians, producers and people from the restaurant business, eventually convinced that "World Music" is an attractive theme for a restaurant.

What is "World Music"?

World Music is best described as a blend of rather unknown, traditional music of a certain region (e.g. Kazakhstan, Central Africa, China, etc.) and western elemetns. During the last couple of years World Music has established itself as an independent type of music with an exceptional market potential for growth.

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