Blue Flame World Music
Peace for Kabul
ambient,world music
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Hakim Ludin: Percussion ­ Afghanistan
Lenny Mac Dowell ­ Flutes - Germany
Dhafer Yousuff ­ Oud

The music from the world­ethno formation Blue Planet, is music without frontiers influenced by different cultures of the World.

The percussionist Hakim Ludin from Afghanistan, is most known in europe for his performances at percussion festivals and percussion seminars and for working together with international musicians, such as Luis Conte, Alex Acuna, Glen Velez and Terry Bozzio. While playing his percussion instruments, he combines different music worlds in his own very special way. His instruments take the listener far away into countries like India, Afghanistan, Africa, Brazil and Cuba. Hakim Ludin is able to transform his fascinating rhythms into a unity that enables the audience to see single pictures and even complete landscapes. For the performance of Blue Planet, he created special rhythms and sounds that combines the melodic instruments.

The second musician from Germany, is the flute player Lenny Mac Dowell. As the European, he brings the western culture into the music. In contrary to his classical education, he now moves in the area of Jazz, Rock and Asian influenced music. Up to 15 CD releases together with musicians fromm all over Europe, have accompanied his career. His flute sounds are meditational and with rhythm. He is able to make moods and musical moments happen, through playing masterly different flutes, like the bamboo flute, the Turkish Ney, Sur-Ney and various concert flutes. Lenny Mac Dowell takes all these different instruments and unites them by using a special designed electronic equipement.

The third musician in this extraordinary formation. Dhafer Youssef originally coming from Tunesia is a so-called global inhabitant. He is an outstanding musician working with all kinds of music styles, but never leaving his World Music and traditional roots.

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