Your Heart Is Too Slow
Blue Flame
Your Heart Is Too Slow
4 To The Bar
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"4 TO THE BAR" are undoubtedly pioneers of the lounge culture, which held its way into bars, night clubs and discos in the early '90s. Elegance of style and understated luxury are suddenly
back on the agenda. There is a new desire for timeless beautiful clothes, design classics and of course, also for the music defining this lifestyle. The quartet around bass player and vocalist Andreas Stroh, understands it perfectly, to resound the soundtrack to the newly awakened lounge style.
With a twinkle in the eye, the band performs light footed Bossa Nova, NU Tango, relaxed Samba, Swing or danceable Jive – always giving it a contemporary sound. In the past 20 years, "4 TO THE BAR" conquered the world with their "jazz-chic".
Befitting they also play concerts at highly fashionable places and enthuse the Audience with verve and rapture. That "4 TO THE BAR" is highly creative in the studio is proven with the release of their fifth studio album "Your Heart Is Too Slow". The musicians present themselves in best shape and accurate renewed sound livery.

Finely balanced between handmade and electronically-produced - is the sound of the band’s astonishingly modern and timeless appearance. Needless to say that, musicians with the highest claims don’t just interpret famous tunes, but also write their own songs. "A pictures pops into mind, when thinking of a word“ is how Andreas Stroh defines the creative process. From these pictures, he makes melodies that take the listener on a journey. "From Rome to Brasilia, from Oslo to Lima", is the starting point of the album. What follows is a colorful trip through a world full of longing, joy, melancholy and tender-heartedness. Those who listen carefully will notice that the texts are not mere illustrations to a glamorous vibe. They, for example, tell from the solitude of the jet set life or the appreciation for small things in life. "Sunny Day" takes the listener into a clear summer day, right after a downpour. In "Forever and Ever", the musicians dress a declaration of love in genteel 60s cinematic sound.

Miriam Skroban creates all these moods in such a wonderful way. She belongs to the band since 2008, but for the first time, her voice is heard on a "4 TO THE BAR" CD. Through her voice, the production has a warm soulful sound; sometimes it sounds dreamy, carefree, and sometimes electrified. Keyboarder Claudiu Gheorghiu masters the high art to act sparingly, but always with a lot of groove. The rhythm section of Andreas Stroh and Robert Kopp swinging springily easy: that’s what gentleman attitude sounds like!

Guest musicians Jürgen Schwab and Joo Kraus are part of the band. The latter has already caused for excitement with the formation TAB TWO with his trumpet and the Flugelhorn. His play highlights the casual elegance of the band. Guitarist Jürgen Schwab adds tastefully and skillfully highlights and gives "4 TO THE BAR" a subtly new sound dimension.

Clearly, this noble sound is built on the illusion of a cosmopolitan jet-set world. But exactly this is what the musicians have a lot of fun with, because they do not take themselves and their music more seriously than necessary. "4 TO THE BAR" are stylish, but not jaded. They have a natural groove, a unique sound and an appealing stage presence. All this is combined in "Your Heart Is Too Slow" and shows that this band plays their music with passion and on international highest level.
(Henning Eichler)

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